Senin, 20 Januari 2014

My Favorite Brand: Insight 51

It's such a pleasure to wear this adoreable surfing brand, Insight 51. Their design is playful yet comfy.

I just found out that Insight 51 and Ksubi are under the same holding, Bleach, Ltd from Australi. Double pleasure!


Army Snap Back Cap: Insight 51
Floral Dress: Insight 51
Denim Jacket: Ksubi
Black Sling Bag: Insight 51
Black Sneaker Boots: Insight 51

Jumat, 12 Juli 2013

Beautiful Songket

I love Borneo batik, tenun and songket. They all are awesome and beautiful!
Sambas is one of tenun and songket heaven. Cita Tenun Indonesia falls in love with them, so they promote Tenun Sambas to local designer and national market.
I wore Sambas Songket for Garuda Indonesia Welcoming New Fleet Party. A great dress for a great event. How rich Indonesia is!

Bring back my teenage dream

Pink and blue were my favorite color when I was teenager. This summer I bring back my youth spirit by wearing this colorful top n light blue jegging. Fun!
Wardrobe by: Matahari Dept Store for GA Travel Fashion Show

Senin, 10 Juni 2013

(more than) Living My Dream


Today was the hardest day of my life. I became one of judges for Garuda Indonesia Flight Attendant Recruitment. These beautiful young ladies have the same dream with me, when i was in her age, to fly around the world.

Yeah, years ago i really want to be a stewardess. And if you noticed, my older post in early 2009, said so. Who knows, today, I became the judge, to say "yes, go to next level" or "no, try again next year" to all participant. That was hard. So so sooo hard. Why? because when i say no, it means they cant go to the next level. Maybe some of them will try next year, but maybe some of them are desperate enough and throw their dream. Oh well, i try to calm down myself, at least when i say no, it's not my fault or hers but it because her qualification hasnt meet the requirement yet. Fiuh.

But if it talks about my own self, this was awesome. If years ago i really want to be a stewardess so bad, today i stand here as Garuda Indonesia staff who become one of the judges of stewardess recruitment. More than living my dream, huh?!

And how does it feel? Hard, but fun! i love my job! :D


Senin, 06 Mei 2013

Moving to Borneo

Hello barbies
My life turns into an adventure story when i got news from my office that they will send me to Pontianak, West Kalimantan for months.
I think it's a good news because i never stay outside Java island for the rest of my life.
When i googled about Pontianak, i found few pictures of that city. So bad. I was afraid for leaving Jakarta at that time. You know, leaving a big city like Jakarta and moving to in-the-middle-of-nowhere-city like Pontianak makes me worried. I cant go to mall for shopping spree or eat anything delicious like Kenny Rogers or Sushitei. But that's my commitment to my company, so I have to go.
But who knows Im gonna in love with this city?! Borneo is such a beautiful island! very green and there are some rivers along that island. Feels like im going to Amazon in South America. I took some pictures during my flight. They're amazing! you guys should visit Pontianak for sure.
So, here I am. Leaving in Equator city. Yeah, equator, or latitude 0°. I read about this city when i was on elementary school. And i never imagine I'm gonna live in this city for 3 months.
I feel like Indiana Jones. Is it a good sign or not?! We'll figure it out! ;)