Kamis, 30 Agustus 2012

Girls just wanna have fun!

My Ramadhan with my girlfriends!
What a girl want?
Hangout, Culinary and Shopping! :P

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I love you, Dad!

I won't let you down. I'll make you proud. Thanks for everything, Daddy! I love you so much!

One fine morning

Go out for cycling in the morning and see this beautiful scenary. Amazing!

Location: Pati, Central Java

I got the sun!

Finally I got the sun! The giant star in my universe. I'm gonna hold you till you disappear from the sky, Sun!

Chasing Sunset

Hang out with my high school ex who recently being my best friend. Chasing sunset at Bonang beach, Rembang, Central Java. Beautiful!

Buka Bersama

Banyak acara yg berjudul buka bersama ramadhan ini, namun yg benaran rame-rame adalah 2 ini: bukber Orix buddies dan bukber Akuntansi 2006. Happy for having you all in my life! :*

Akt 2006 Undip

Orix Buddies

Friday nite out

As @nunoaja said, it's a coffellicious gossipsession! Cheers @rendinosa!

Nite at Plangi

Best Buddy Ever

Love is in the air

Oh well, this affection envy me! Lol.
Love you all my boys! @IvanTigana @cimoylahoy

Goodmorning, Sunrise!

Hello Sun, nice to see you every morning!

Morning Sky

Morning kiss from Semarang. Xoxo.

We love firework!

Baby you're a firework, come on show them what you worth. Make them go oh oh oh, as you shoot across the sky y y!

When the sun goes down

I love to capture the sun when it goes down. Such a beautiful moment! I took it near my house.

Location: Pati, Central Java

Sweet escape: Telaga Resto

Escape from the town for fresh air. Lunch at Telaga Resto, Karawang. It's sooo wonderful! You should come to this place. Comfy saung, fresh air, nice view and sundanesse food, really a nice place to escape! ;)

Enjoy Life

Enjoying afternoonbreeze at my little garden. Happy! Life's good so far :)

Starbucks Never Fail

Go out for breakfast in the morning, and starbucks never fail being my mood booster. Ready to rock KualaLumpur!

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