Senin, 10 Juni 2013

(more than) Living My Dream


Today was the hardest day of my life. I became one of judges for Garuda Indonesia Flight Attendant Recruitment. These beautiful young ladies have the same dream with me, when i was in her age, to fly around the world.

Yeah, years ago i really want to be a stewardess. And if you noticed, my older post in early 2009, said so. Who knows, today, I became the judge, to say "yes, go to next level" or "no, try again next year" to all participant. That was hard. So so sooo hard. Why? because when i say no, it means they cant go to the next level. Maybe some of them will try next year, but maybe some of them are desperate enough and throw their dream. Oh well, i try to calm down myself, at least when i say no, it's not my fault or hers but it because her qualification hasnt meet the requirement yet. Fiuh.

But if it talks about my own self, this was awesome. If years ago i really want to be a stewardess so bad, today i stand here as Garuda Indonesia staff who become one of the judges of stewardess recruitment. More than living my dream, huh?!

And how does it feel? Hard, but fun! i love my job! :D